Tuesday, December 6, 2022

On Photography #3

Annabelle Blossoms in Makeshift Vase

On Photography: Focus on Bokeh (Hydrangea arborescens) Annabelle Blossoms in Makeshift Vase. Mamiya M645, Mamiya-Sekor 210mm f/4, #8 yellow filter. Fomapan 100 developed in Pyrocat HD.
I am looking at background bokeh in the potted plant portraits. This photo and the photo in Potted Plants #4 are from the same roll of film and made with the same lens. The background in this one is a little smoother. This is closer to where I want these to be. There is a mystery here because the background in the other photo actually looks slightly more out of focus, yet somehow it is jittery. The focus surely shifted between the 2 photos and maybe the f-stop as well but the solution to the mystery seems to me to be the contrast change. That is caused by the different filters used for the photos. A #8 yellow here and a #11 green for the other one.

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